Reflect Session 3

Session 3: Based on what students were supposed to learn today, what strategies worked and how do you know?

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14 Responses to Reflect Session 3

  1. English PLC says:

    The looking at the sample essay de-stressed them and were great.
    The peer editing did not help
    Random selection of essays to review
    Evaluation rubric was a nice tool
    Show them the direction rubric before they wrote

  2. Mr Gresko says:

    Math session 3 – we received the foldable for session 2 when we arrived for session 3. So, the value was less than adequate. On the last page of the session there is a minus sign missing from problem 38, and that was noted, however, problem 41 on the same page is NOT answer D 7, it is answer C 6. The example calculations are correct, and when that is done the problem states that we have to subtract one.

    On the positive side, the Frayer model was a GREAT foldable, and all the students enjoyed it. THe use of “is at most” and “is at least” were very well received and helped immensely when solving problem #9 in session 3. We “might” consider expanding the Frayer model to include additional terms. We have an example of how it could be modified, however, attaching it is an issue, at least with my limited skills on this site.

    Good session, and perhaps more time than material.

  3. Myriam Carmona says:

    Math Session 3- Two members of our group were out today because of training or attending Decathelon, having said that the remaining members agreed that we had to use time to finish part of the lesson from session 2. We all agreed that using the “percent booklet” was a good way to review and give closure to last week lesson. We also discussed that ii is beneficial for students to be able to see the relationship between numbers i.e. is the value half, more than half, or less than half of the total amount? For percent problems, looking at this relationship helps them eliminate some answers on multiple choice questions. In addition, Mr. Duarte noted that as he was going through session 3, it is easier to solve the equations and inequalities on page 34 than it is to look at equivalencies on page 33. Perhaps we should change the order of these problems.

    For next week we are going to continue with equations, inequalities and add problems that include absolute values.

  4. English PLC says:

    To help students predict, I cut up post-its and have them predict answers
    Grouping students, competition
    Bring Candy!
    Vocabulary Bingo
    Keep Vocabulary here

  5. English PLC says:

    For the EL’s it was good to break down the reading one section at a time.
    Reading Strategies were helpful: looking at the title, writing on the text.
    Group pairings.

  6. English PLC says:

    Strategies that worked for week 6:
    Essay evaluations (samples): students were able to see what a higher level essay looked like
    Focusing the binoculars assisted students in writing more detailed essays for the prompt
    EL students needed sentence starters, used a web diagram to get them started
    Planning sheet: not necessarily the sheet provided, but setting up a plan for students to begin writing
    Underlining the writing task: what it actually asked students to do

  7. English PLC says:

    Improvements for week 6:
    More time needs to be alloted for focusing the binoculars
    Student evaluation form is too detailed to be accomplished in short window of time

  8. English PLC says:

    Strategies that worked for week 7:
    Sentence review from week 1, reward incentives, group work competitions, vocabulary review, and “rockstar” section.

  9. English PLC says:

    Improvements for week 8:
    Bring a snack to reward students for making it to the last week.

  10. Gresko says:

    I can not find where to comment on session 7, so I am entering it here. In session 7 and looking forward to session 8 as well, there is no quiz to use a a warm up. So, I assigned page 133 and wouldn’t you know it there is a wrong answer for problem 11. It is listed a B yet it is answer C.

    Mean median and mode call for a graphic organizer to acccompany the lesson (session 7) and it was not available.

    Problem 14 is totally incorrect. The problem asks for how many MORE days is required to finish reading. The answer given is how many days to read the whole book, which is not the question. It is that of the 456 pages, 168 have been read. Therefore the number of additional pages (MORE) is 288 and if you divide 168 by 7 days in a week, you are reading at a pace of 24 pages a day. SO, 288 divided by 24 is A) 12 days MORE……..

    Problem 5 has a “printing” error. there is a floating 1 and should not be read as 16 but just 6.

    In the mean, median, mode section, the real answer is 4.5, which is not listed. Therefore, I assume the given answer of 5 is a rounded up version…..unfortunately, 5 is one of the answers. We should either have 4.5 as an answer, or perhaps remove 5 from the raw data and replace it with 7 or 6 or something other than 5.

  11. English PLC says:

    Strategies that worked Session 8:
    Allowing students to use vocabulary sheets while taking the test
    Simulating testing situation
    Test taking strategy review
    Positive reinforcements: food!

  12. English PLC says:

    Improvements for week 8:
    Incorporate test etiquette (how to behave after test), preparation (before), and focus strategies (during the test: mental and physical)

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