Look Forward 1

What improvements would you make to next week’s lesson?

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4 Responses to Look Forward 1

  1. English PLC says:

    Technology is effective for students to tune in. They should add PowerPoint’s components in the lessons. So that we can project changes or lessons (OR make ELMOs available)
    We need to modify the brainstorming – planning the persuasive essay handout. Make it more user friendly (graphic organizer)

  2. Gabby Mancilla says:

    Need to put together the foldable for percents and provide office with a hard copy so that copies are available on Saturday.

    If lesson on Exponents was not completed make sure that is completed next Saturday. The lesson on percents is not too long.

  3. English PLC says:

    1. Great to look at samples and then look at theirs
    2. Low students – peer editing (might be a problem)
    3. Samples are helpful
    4. Maybe be able to look at more samples – look at lots of 3s
    5. Get practice ones online

  4. English PLC says:

    We need a modified version (binder for EL and SpED) as to equalize the playing field. Because it may be too overwhelming

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