Reflect Session 1

Session 1: Based on what students were supposed to learn today, what strategies worked and how do you know?

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6 Responses to Reflect Session 1

  1. Mr Gresko says:

    There appears to be a foldable that is done for the power rule…etc. The students should be instructed to keep it at the rear of the manual. . It would be nice store the foldable in the back pocket of the three ring binder..
    The warm up is to be the mini-quiz, and realize that the mini-quiz is exact same thing as the session 1 – quiz. The overview of SEHS needs to be part of the first lesson. The last page in the document is the generic scores for passing, proficient and advanced. The first page of session one and the informtion relative to the results from last year are still to be added.

  2. English PLC says:

    Collaborative grouping worked in class by way of taking top CST scores (it helped). It was not predominately one student taking over. The practice was good for students because after 5 or 6 of the practices, the students did better on the post-test.
    Some of us ran out of time. But it would be expected that some would finish and others will not.
    This year, I was a lot more comfortable with the curriculum it went faster. (Coordinating Conjunction) #5 was confusing to the students but it was valuable because it taught them about the independent clauses.
    #3 on parallel construction – you can use various coordinating conjunctions
    There is a one on one dynamic that may be needed in some situations. If some classes, there is a large amount of ELs and Special Ed and they need to keep those classes small instead of combining them. Some of the students will not do well with change if you decide to combine.

  3. Mr Gresko says:

    Question 47 has been changed on the teacher version but not corrected on the student version ,choice D needs to be 1/5.

    Question 6 is incorrect. The answer is a 1/3. Someone added ratther than subtracted.

    For the multiplication table we can also show how to use your 10 fingers, to multiply by 9. So for 9 times 3, count from the left to three and put down, bend,the third finget and the remaining fingers are visually a 2 and a 7, 27.

    The materials are missing the introduction to the CHASEE, 55% is passing on the test… ask the students what is a score of 56 in any of their SEHS classes…..what do you get? the answer is an F, but in in CAHSEE we call that passing.

    Reinforcing the fact that all of the questions are not equally weighted, so it is possible to score 349, one less than a pass at 350. Therefore we should shoot to have a score as high as possible, take time with each question, they have all day. Therefore we have time to find accurate answers and ensure more than 350. Strive for your very best score, more than 380 so that there is no chance that you are close to missing the minimum score….one of our classes had a student that actually received a score of 349 last year.

    We will see if we can attach an introduction.

    • Gabby Mancilla says:

      There was an intro in the past but since data was not updated this was taken out. I agree that we should include it in the future.

  4. Gabby Mancilla says:

    Its great that the lessons are scripted. When the CAHSEE Saturday classes originally started there were just ideas that were outlined to be covered and teachers were on their own trying to figure out what material to bring.

    The organization in which the work is precented has been clearly thought out. There is a good flow to the material with some connections made.

    Based on school data students tend to do really well in the area of Probability and Statistics so if there is a particular section that can be sacrified due to student leve/need it will be the last section. Its okay if the 2 classes are moving at a different pace – differentiate adequetly.

    Frontloading of vocabulary, the foldable on exponents was a good review.

    The fraction boxes worked really well with the EL clusters.

  5. English PLC says:

    1. Modeling on the board –
    a. Different ways to outline
    b. Different ways to plan
    2. Spent time reading prompt
    a. Where the CDs come from
    b. CDs are from location or experience – things you know about
    3. Write two paragraphs
    a. If they could give you 2 or 3 paragraphs then you could see how well they did
    4. Underline reason in introductory paragraph
    5. EL and SpED needed more time to write paragraph
    6. Shrink the grammar time, in order to ensure they get time to write

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