CAHSEE Prep & You

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2 Responses to CAHSEE Prep & You

  1. J. Gresko says:

    Question 4 and 4 for the detailed explanation should be changed to 3 and 4, rather than done manually. Same is to be said for session 2 quiz, number 3 should be changed (rather than manually by the students to read “two” not “three” other sisters. Even though most od the students red it as three, it is not being done correctly, as stated (printed).
    In the teacher edition manual it states in a blocked note on the second page that a foldable should be used to take notes , by the students……but there was no foldable.

    Graphic organizer of commission, profit, mark-up, etc was well received, as was the fractions to decimals. Specifically the 1/8 and it came up as 3/8 in one of the problems. Commission required quite some time to review that the person selling received LESS, because the commission was paid out of the funds before you receive the final funds.

    For the common fractions we should add 1/4, 1/5, 2/3 because memorizing them will make the test and just items in daily routines easier to comprehend.

    Where is the foldable that is referenced in conversions…….is it the same missing item from the note mentioned on the following page?

    At the end we informed the students of the answers so that their binders will have the correct answer when they practice with their binders on the Monday and Tuesday before the CAHSEE.

    Algebra and functions is next…… a foldable is again referenced…if they could be delivered ahead of time, or perhaps during the week, it would be helpful.

  2. Mr Gresko says:

    session 5

    the pages in the teachers book are not labeled consistent with the student books. The student books have a duplicate page, p 44 is the same as 45. None of the teacher sessions are correctly labeled as dates Today we are on Feb 9 and the book has not been updated since a year ago…..Feb 11, 2012. We are missing example pages 38 and 39 in the green student book.

    We have an answer that is incorrect for session 4, problem 38….the answer “should” be “A” and it is incorrectly listed as “C”. Problem 47 introduces “g” and asks for the answer to “n” so we need to pick one or the other.

    example 3 4,5,6,7, should use either an open circle or a closed (SHADED) CIRCLE FOR THE LIMIT OF THE INEQUALITY.
    The example 2 in the teachers edition states that the answer is centered on zero and is plus and minus 23 from it. Actually the center is centered on negative 5, and ranges from minus 28 to 18.

    While the students do not see it, the teachers, especially a substitute, could easily attempt to explain the solution using the errneous answer. tThis is a large issue, and should be corrected.

    Thje material seems to have helpful word problem exercises, which is a good part of the session. The revisit of exponents was also good.

    Could we add as a foot note on each page, the % or number of problemsd just like the ones we have done that the students will see on the CAHSEE. In that way they can identify what issues they may want to work harder on, since the number of problems like it, or the concept will be seen on the CAHSEE.

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