9th Grade

Please feel free to post recommendations on how to improve the lesson plans.  The advisory curriculum team (Mr. Jimenez, Ms. Perez, Ms. Tinajero and Ms. Carmona) appreciates your feedback.  We still need to develop the curriculum for the Spring semester and any suggestions are welcome.

Day 1: Paradigms

Day 2: Get in the Habit

Day 3: Habit 1 lesson 1

Day 4: Habit 1 lesson 2

Day 5: Habit 2 Lesson 1

Day 6: Habit 2 – Lesson 2

Day 7: Habit 2 – Lesson 3

Day 8: Habit 3-Lesson 1

Day 9: Habit 3-Lesson 2

3 Responses to 9th Grade

  1. medina says:

    any info for 10/23?

  2. xchavez says:

    Can you clarify what you mean?

  3. Wendy Vasquez says:

    Hi! Can I please have a book set for my 9th grade advisory. I wish to start on these lessons but don’t have the books/resources.


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