Focus Group

Ongoing Use of Data

How does your school use data to develop lesson plans and work with students?  Who participates?

How do you use data to drive instruction and improve student learning?

To what extent has using data to drive instruction made a difference in your teaching?

In what other ways might you use data to drive instruction?

Describe the data review process at your school.

Are you on a problem-solving team at your school?  If yes, how does this team collect and use data?

In what ways is it useful?

How often is data collected and/or used?

In what ways have you changed instruction to respond to student needs?

In what ways does data affect school practices?

Leadership Focused on Instructional Improvement

Does your school have shared learning goals and targets?

If so, what are they, and how were the goals developed?

How are these goals communicated?  And to whom are they communicated?

Do you feel you have the support necessary to achieve these goals?

How are other stakeholders engaged with these goals?

What policies or practices support these goals?

What policies or practices prevent attaining these goals?

Think about your schedule.  Who has input into your schedule?  Why is your schedule the way it is?

Student Focus

Parent Focus

Focus Group Findings


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